Teeth Bleaching

teeth bleaching

What is Teeth Bleaching?

Many people want to have white teeth. Some people’s teeth are never completely white due to genetic factors. Some people’s teeth turn yellow in the progress of time under the influence of various internal and external factors. Such yellow teeth look bad both aesthetically and hygienically. Yellow teeth cause the people to hide their smile. Mostly, people may blame themselves for not caring their teeth as much as they should be. However, the teeth cleaning methods applied at home, like tooth brushing, are not always enough to prevent the teeth from turning yellow. Therefore, the teeth bleaching procedures carried out by specialists are needed. Please keep reading for detailed information on teeth bleaching and teeth cleaning.

What are the Teeth Bleaching Methods?

There are many different reasons for teeth to change color. Together with the old age, teeth may turn yellow. Additionally, smoking and consumption of the other harmful substances, extreme consumption of tea and coffee, taking antibiotics may cause the teeth to go yellow. In the teeth bleaching procedure, the first thing to do is to find out the patient’s true teeth color. It is generally difficult for a patient to have teeth whiter than their natural teeth color. Even if this is possible, it is not preferred as it draws the patient away from natural appearance. Today, there are two procedures used in teeth bleaching. Depending on the patient’s teeth color and need, these methods can be used individually or collectively. Teeth bleaching procedures can be listed as follows:

  • In-office teeth bleaching procedure:During the in-office teeth bleaching procedure, the specialists apply bleaching agents on the surface of the teeth. Since these agents have high bleaching capability, the bleaching procedure can be completed more quickly. In order to prevent any damage to gingiva, the gingiva is covered with a protective cover. Making teeth cleaning and scaling on the patient before the bleaching process helps to get result more quickly. Depending on the patient’s teeth color and the needs of their teeth, generally the desired result is gotten in two or three sessions.
  • At-home teeth bleaching procedure:As its very name signifies, at-home teeth bleaching is the teeth bleaching procedure the patients can perform at home. In the at-home teeth bleaching procedure, first the impressions of the patient’s teeth are taken, and the specialists prepare a special tray compatible with the patient’s dental structure. The patient is suggested that s/he should put the relevant bleaching agent in this tray and wear the tray for a certain period. The teeth bleaching tray can be worn before going to bed at night, or within the day provided no food and drink should be consumed. Depending on the patient’s teeth color and need, the tray must be worn 4-6 hours a day for a minimum period of 1 week.

In case of need, the at-home and in-office procedures can also be used jointly. After the teeth bleaching procedure implemented in the clinic, this bleaching procedure is supported by using bleaching tray at home for 3-4 days.

Points to Wonder about Teeth Bleaching Procedure

The teeth and gingiva that look perfect and clean are rather important in terms of self-confidence. Therefore, many people dream of having aesthetically smooth, clean, and hygienic teeth. Today, we see that the demand for the aesthetic procedures like teeth bleaching and Hollywood smile design is on the rise with each passing day. However, people are anxious about damage to their teeth and gingiva after the teeth bleaching procedure. Contrary to general belief, the teeth bleaching treatments do not cause permanent damage. After the procedure, the teeth may develop some sensitivity to hot and cold for a brief time, which is expected to go away within no more than two days.

Another most frequently asked question about teeth bleaching is for how long the teeth will remain white after the procedure. Teeth cleaning is a whole and requires stability. It is important to brush the teeth and use dental floss regularly after the bleaching procedure. Tea, coffee, fizzy drinks, and the harmful substances like cigarette accelerate the yellowing of teeth. It is advised to avoid colorful food and drinks like fruit juices, tea, coffee, cigarette and the other tobacco products for the first two weeks after the procedure. Consuming the coloring food and drinks as little as possible and paying attention to teeth cleaning help you keep your teeth white for 6 months to 1 year afterwards. If the bleaching procedure is repeated semiannually, the whiteness becomes permanent.

Can Everyone Receive Teeth Bleaching Treatment?

Teeth bleaching is a procedure applied on anyone who wants it. However, the neural tissues of the patients younger than 16 years of age are very large, and this may cause neural sensitivity. Additionally, the patients who have problematic tooth enamel, decayed, broken, or sensitive teeth are advised to have these problems treated first and then have the bleaching procedure applied. The bleaching procedures carried out without treating the problematic teeth first may cause dental and gingival sensitivity. Therefore, if deemed necessary by the specialists, the bleaching process is supported with the dental implant procedures or dental crowning procedures. The types of crowns that meet the patient’s need best are also determined during these treatments. The crown types such as zirconium crown and porcelain crown allow the patients to use their teeth healthily. For the patients who have dental and gingival problems, it is better to start the bleaching procedure after these treatments. Besides, teeth bleaching treatments are not advised to pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers.

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