Hair Transplant for Women

Hair is very important for women and there are numerous factors causing hair loss.

Causes of hair loss for women:

Thyroid gland diseases
Pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding
Seasonal hair loss
Dermal diseases
Genetic reasons

Causes of hair loss is investigated. A treatment regime must be applied if remedy is possible with medication. Hair transplant method is implemented in case of genetic and permanent hair loss when medication therapy does not solve the problem.

There is no difference between hair transplant procedures applied to men and women. In women, hair follicles (graft) harvested one by one from the donor site are transferred to the bald areas. It does not have any adverse effects on health.

However, patience is required as it take long time for hair to grow. Transplanted hair may fall 2 weeks later. The hair grows slowly 3 months after the start of the falling. This process will continue for about 1 year.

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