Hollywood Smile Design

hollywood smile

What is Hollywood Smile Design?

The Hollywood smile design is rearrangement of the person’s smile aesthetic by various methods after examining numerous parameters of the smile profile in a holistic manner. With the procedures carried out within this scope, the color changes, deformities, crookedness problems that give aesthetic worries to the person can be corrected; the tooth and periodontal diseases or teeth losses can be treated.

By Which Procedures is the Hollywood Smile Design Treatment Applied?

For the individuals who have ideal dentition and healthy teeth, the dimensions, form, hue of the teeth, or the asymmetry or appearance degree of the gums may cause aesthetic worries. If the problem is just the hue, and it is just wanted to have a hue that is a few degrees lighter, the treatment can be applied with mere bleaching procedure. If the person wants a more noticeable change in the hue of their teeth, or if it is planned to change the form or dimensions of the teeth as well as their color, depending on the amount of change and the conditions of the relevant teeth, bonding procedure, dental laminate procedures, or various crowning procedures can be preferred as the treatment procedure. In cases where the gingival level and symmetry are not ideal, the pink aesthetic procedures that include cutting or arrangement of the gingiva can be applied. These procedures can be applied separately, or it can be planned to apply combined procedures if necessary.

The treatment procedures to be preferred for the patients whose dental tissues are damaged or lost due to various reasons vary by the existing tooth diseases. In case of decayed or broken teeth, filling procedures, dental laminates, or various crowning procedures can be preferred for recovery of the aesthetic appearance, depending on the tissue loss, durability needed by the teeth, and the aesthetic expectation. The severe abrasions of teeth may require crown treatments. Gingival enlargement or recession problems may require treatment by cutting or rearranging the gingiva. If teeth losses are observed, implant procedures or bridgework procedures may be included in the treatment plan.

In cases where the crookedness of teeth causes aesthetic worries, the ideal treatment procedure may vary by the crookedness degree of teeth. In cases where the crookedness problem is minimal, if the person wants that their teeth are rearranged quickly, the bonding or dental laminate procedures may be preferred frequently, as they preserve the healthy dental tissue considerably. In cases where the teeth need more support or are a little bit more crooked, various crowning procedures can be planned depending on the needed durability level. In cases where the crookedness exceeds a certain level, on the other hand, orthodontic treatment may be necessary to create a healthy treatment.

What are the Points to Consider in Hollywood Smile Design?

In the Hollywood smile design, numerous different procedures can be applied individually or collectively on different tissues inside the mouth. In planning of these procedures, the holistic approach is rather important. Consulting with the dentists specialized in different areas and taking joint decisions in certain cases and completing the treatments with numerous dentists when necessary may be necessary to preserve the tissue health and extend the life of the treatment. Since each patient’s dental structure, dental health condition, functional habits and needs, face profile and aesthetic expectations may differ, it is necessary to know that the treatment alternatives that may be offered and the results of that treatment may also vary from person to person. In order to provide a more sustainable treatment, it is necessary to take care of determining recovery of the teeth or ensuring continued healthiness of the teeth as the top priority while preferring one of the treatment alternatives. For example, for the individuals who have healthy teeth, the dental bleaching and gingival arrangement, sometimes applied in combination with each other, may be sufficient to create an ideal smile design while maintaining the tissue health without causing any loss in the dental tissue.

While planning a suitable treatment special to the patient, the dentist evaluates numerous parameters in detail. In determination of the materials necessary for the procedure, the patient’s functional habits, the amount of load which the teeth are exposed to, and the color change desired in the teeth are hugely important. In the design creation process, on the other hand, the parameters such as the patient’s age, gender, character, profile features, and expectations of change in their aesthetic appearance are at the forefront. That the patient shares all their expectations regarding the design features with the dentist in detail in the design process of the treatment is important so that the treatment can be completed more quickly and in compliance with the patient’s expectations. Unless they prevent the creation of a healthy mouth environment, the aesthetic changes that meet the expectations may be adapted to the design.

If there is any disease in the mouth, it is rather important to start the treatment with the treatment of this disease first. The existing oral and dental diseases not only threaten the health of dental and gingival tissues but also may shorten the life of the smile aesthetics procedures considerably.

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