Beard and Moustache Transplant

Beard transplant and moustache transplant are intended for those who have lost their beard and moustache or have never grown.  Like hair, beard and moustache are also a significant element of the male appearance. It is a method advised for men who like themselves with beard but suffering from beard or moustache loss associated with testosterone hormone-related problems or having scarce or uneven beard or moustache in parts.

Stages of Beard Transplant and Moustache Transplant:

Consultation: Transplanting starts with medical examination as in all other transplanting operations. After medical examination, two important points must be taken into consideration. First, what the proposed area of transplant needs and secondly, mow many grafts can be extracted from the donor area is considered. 

Operation: During operation, transplanting is performed considering the direction of growing of the beard. The operation consists of two main stages: first, the extraction of the roots from the donor area and then transplant of grafts into the area needing them.   

Dressing: Dressing is performed on the day after the operation. Before discharging from the clinic, what to consider after the procedure must be advised and how to wash the hair/beard/moustache must be shown.

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