Percutaneous Hair Transplantation

Percutaneous hair transplantation is a special technique which is performed a few clinics in Turkey.
Using special thin tip blades, slits are opened in the recipient area to which the hair roots to be harvested from the back of the scalp. The slits are characterized by their round shapes, not straight.
Thin slits are opened for every ingle hair strand, namely the slits having a thickness equal to that of hair strand are designed so that the hair strands will close-fit into them, because every hair strand has a different root structure specific to it.

This method is highly advantageous fort he patients who expects to see a natural result in the end of hair transplantation. Naturally looking hair is ensured by transplanting into slits specially opened for every hair strand with right angles.

The hair roots which are placed into tiny slits of different sizes properly angled by percutaneous method were fully settled into where they are transplanted. This is why the reovery period is very quick. Another advantage of it is that it is unlikely for roots to be damaged as in this technique, hair roots are transplanted by holding them in the hairy part.

There would ne no mark on the recipient area which heals after 2 to 3 days. The oedema formation in the face is minimal after hair transplant operation as no excessive isotonic fluid is used. Besides, you would feel less strange during the healing process and survive this period without redness in your skin.

Merhaba, bilgi almak istiyorum.
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