Eyebrow Transplant

Eyebrows are very important for the integrity and impression of our face. Eyebrows may be lost due to scars, burns, accidents, traumas and some skin diseases.

Eyebrow transplant is applied to individuals for the aforementioned reasons or when they want thicker eyebrows.

In eyebrow transplant, grafts harvested from the back of the scalp are transferred to the eyebrow area in a specific angle. Very thin tools are used in this method.

A rule of thumb in this method is to draw a natural line that is perfect match for the individual’s face in order to transplant the hair accordingly.  Anatomic features of the individual are taken into consideration during drawing.

Cicatrices are formed 1 week after the eyebrow transplant. Transferred hair is lost during the post-operative period of 3 months and they slowly grow back after the 3rd month. Eyebrows take up the intended shape after 1 year.

Grafts harvested for eyebrow transplant may grow long after transfer to the eyebrow area. Hair must be cut and trimmed within 15 day-intervals. The growing rate of eyebrows is reduced after 1 year as transplanted grafts adapt to the recipient site and the requirement of cutting for the purpose of shaping shall also be reduced.

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