Implant Treatment

implant treatment

What is the Implant Treatment?

A healthy mouth structure is functionally important in the person’s daily life. The teeth, on the other hand, are critically important for oral health. Individuals may have tooth loss problem for different reasons. In consequence of this, the basic activities like chewing and the social life may be affected negatively. Thanks to the technology, there are different solutions developed for the missing tooth problem. Dental treatment by implant tops the list of these methods. The dental implant treatment can preclude various complaints caused by missing teeth. In this way, the oral health and the form of smile can also be protected. Please keep reading for detailed information on the implant treatment.

What is Implant?

Implant is a structure made of durable materials like titanium and screwed into the jaw bone. A normal tooth structure is rooted in the jaw bone. If some of the normal teeth are lost, the oral health is preserved through the implant treatment. The implants are reinforced by planting them into the jaw bone just like a natural tooth. The artificial teeth placed on the implant are both aesthetically and functionally effective. Aesthetically, they appear like the normal teeth. In this way, they help the individuals to smile confidently. Functionally, the eating functions like chewing and biting can be maintained healthily thanks to the dental implants made of durable elements like titanium. Thanks to the implant treatment, the individuals who have lost teeth to decay and the similar other problems are provided with an effective and safe solution. Differently from the procedures like prosthesis and bridge treatment, the clear advantages of the implant treatment can be summarized as follows:

  • Natural appearance
  • Easy talking
  • Comfortable mouth structure
  • Intraoral hygiene and health
  • Durability

Who can Receive the Implant Treatment?

The implant treatment is a procedure implemented for the purpose of substituting a missing tooth, thus preserving the intraoral health of the individuals. It has decisive advantages to the other procedures like prosthesis and bridge treatment carried out for the missing teeth. Therefore, it can be selected as the first choice or as an alternative for the persons who could not benefit from the other techniques. The individuals who have the following features may benefit from the implant treatment:

  • One or multiple missing teeth
  • A healthy jaw structure
  • Sufficient jaw bone tissue
  • Absence of any disease that delays the recovery of bone
  • All cases where prosthesis is not appropriate or wanted

Your dentist can make an evaluation by making a detailed examination for your missing teeth problem. In this way, he can determine which treatment you are compatible with. At this point, the individual’s preferences are also prioritized. For example, you may desire a high level of comfort in your social life and therefore want the implant treatment without trying the other procedures. In such a case, even if your bone structure is not suitable, your dentist can make a detailed evaluation in terms of the grafting techniques, and guide you. The bone grafting is a procedure implemented when there is no sufficient bone tissue to plant the implant. Consequently, you can obtain the most correct information on the treatment method you should prefer and whether you are suitable for dental implant or not from your dentist.

How is the Implant Treatment Performed?

The first stage of the treatment process includes the preliminary preparations. Your dentist conducts a detailed examination by using the imaging techniques as well. In this way, your dentist can detect your missing teeth correctly and take impressions accurately. Additionally, your medications may also be inquired and rearranged. You may be suggested that you should pause your medication for a while before the procedure if you are on medications that might affect the treatment process negatively, such as blood thinners. At the actual treatment stage of the process, the implants are planted. The implants are planted into the jaw bone through a procedure planned especially for the individual’s mouth and bone structures. The caps that look like a tooth externally, on the other hand, are placed after the recovery period. However, if demanded by the individual specifically and approved by the dentist, temporary caps can be applied. In certain cases, on the other hand, all these processes can be completed even in a single session. The recommendations of the dentist who has made the necessary examinations are important in determining what kind of an implant treatment must be used.

Points to Consider After Implant Treatment

You can keep the success level of your procedure high by considering certain points you should consider during the recovery period after the implant treatment and the process following that period. The follow-up examinations top the list of these points. In order that your treatment can be carried out in the best way, you should not skip your follow-up examinations to be made at the times set by your dentist. You must make sure to consult with your dentist during these examinations regarding any medication or supplement you have begun to use recently. It is also important that you avoid bad habits that can affect your dental health negatively, such as smoking, caffeine, extremely hard candy. Additionally, it is necessary to pay attention to intraoral and dental hygiene, as usual. Consequently, the dental implant procedure can give successful results through an appropriate and high-quality treatment and post-treatment process.

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