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Is It Possible To Transplant Haır From One Person To Another?

The genetic codes should be the same so that transplantation can be made from one person to another, but this possibility is very low. Because genes have hundred millions of types and the possibility of having the same gene is very low. But this is a little different in organ transplantation. Organ transplantations performed currently are performed for vital organs. When organ transplantation is performed for vital organs, some medicines are used so that the body will not reject the transplantation process. However, these medicines have so many side effects. Besides, the cost of transplantation and the treatment process afterwards is very high. The state and insurances cover the treatment costs of these transplantations because they are performed for vital organs. But as hair loss is not a life-threatening factor, its cost must be met by the person himself. Therefore, the most natural and healthy method is to transplant hair from the person himself.

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