Hair Transplantation and Methods

FUT Technique

This method is used to transfer linear strip of hair bearing skin from the back of the scalp or ears, instead of harvesting hair follicles (graft) one by one. Strips of harvested tissue are separated and prepared for transfer under the microscope.  Microscope is used to prevent damage to hair follicles.


The biggest difference between FUT and FUE techniques is the way of harvesting hair follicles (graft). This difference has an impact on the number of grafts. FUT technique results with less number of grafts compared to FUE technique.

In addition, FUT technique is implemented in a shorter time as grafts are extracted in the form of tissue strips.

Both methods are followed with the same method when it comes to transferring the grafts to the bald site. FUT technique is a surgical procedure.


The donor site may be scarred upon removal of the strips for the purpose of harvesting grafts. In addition, numbness and loss of sense may be experienced temporarily.