Hair Transplantation and Methods

FUE Technique(Follicular Unit Extraction)


The term refers to the technique of follicle (graft) harvesting. It is a method that is used to transfer hair follicles (graft) harvested from the site between two ears, on the back of the head to the bald area with the desired angle.  Hair follicles are harvested using a special tool named micromotor that has a special tip.

Thickness of the tips used with micromotor varies between 0.6 to 0.7 mm. Thus, 3000-7000 grafts can be extracted. This technique allows obtaining a very natural outcome.




FUE is a minimal invasive technique used for hair transplant. This method eliminates pain, scars, infections, open wounds and scarring after the operation. Rapid healing is observed when this method is used and the patient can go back to daily routine in a very short time.