Beard and Moustache Transplant - Transes Hair Transplant

Hair Transplantation and Methods

Beard and Moustache Transplant

There is no treatment for beard and moustache areas with missing hair growth.  The only solution of this problem is hair transplant.

Restoration of hair in the beard area is ideal for individuals with thinning, scar, burn and surgery scarring problems. The procedure is performed using FUE technique. Grafts harvested with FUE method are transferred in accordance with the shape of face. In average, 1000-3000 grafts are transferred in these operations.


Moustache restoration is applied in case of balding, scar, burn, surgery scarring, etc. in the moustache area. FUE method is used for hair transplant in the moustache area.

As is the case with hair transplant, grafts extracted from the back of the scalp are transferred to the face, achieving a natural appearance.

Cicatrices occur 10 days after the beard and moustache transplant. Washing is permitted 3 days after the operation. Shaving with blades and shaving machine is permitted upon expiry of 6 months and 1 month after the operation, respectively.

Temporary hair loss may be experienced in the recipient site 3 weeks later. Hair starts to grow slowly 3 months after the operation and final appearance is obtained with the grafts in the end of 1 year.