Hair Transplant and Treatments

Extraction With Manual Punch and Lateral Slit Technique

Extraction With Manual Punch and Lateral Slit Technique


This procedure is applied through manual extraction of the hair follicles (graft) using a special tool that looks like a pen.

Limited number of professionals use this method. This is because the method is time-consuming. Maximum 2500 grafts are extracted in one session. This operation takes at least two days. This long duration causes problem as the patient is required to spare a long time for the operation.

There is no difference compared to other procedures, except for the manual extraction of hair follicles (graft). Extracted grafts are, then, transferred to the bald area of the scalp.

Lateral slit technique is used for opening lateral slits for the placement of the transferred hair follicles. The desired direction and angle are obtained in this technique thanks to the lateral slits. Thus, a natural appearance is obtained upon completion of the procedure.


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