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When Can One Start Doing Exercise After Hair Transplantation Operation?

Hair transplantation is an operation made for aesthetics purposes. There are some factors that should be complied with for the success of the operation. There are some points to be complied with regarding the technique to be applied in the hair transplantation operation, the donor area of the person to whom hair is transplanted, by the doctor and his team who will realize the operation, and most importantly by the person to whom hair is transplanted. One of these is doing exercise.

Exercise should not be done for nearly 1-2 months after the hair transplantation operation. Exercise should not be done after the hair transplantation operation because it harms the hair follicles transplanted. It prevents healing of the hair follicles in a good manner. During exercise, blood pressure increases and this causes the heart beat to accelerate. This may cause bleeding in the hair follicles transplanted and harm the follicles. Or the hair follicles may be harmed due to an impact to the hair follicles during exercising.

Slow walks may be taken 3-4 days after the hair transplantation operation, but as explained above, the patient should not force himself during exercise. Otherwise, problems may occur in the transplanted hair. Exercise should be done after 1-2 months after the operation in order to prevent harming the hair transplanted.

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